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We get to know your team and see if we’re a good fit to work together.


We review resumes, create a customized test based on the specific needs of the position, and conduct a preliminary interview to filter the best candidates for the position and for your team. We’re determined to create the perfect match.

Choose Your Rockstars

The next step is us narrowing it down to just a few people that you choose from.


We continue to curate your rockstar with the most up to date continued training. All of our rockstars have access to tech support, a safe friendly workplace, massage therapists, free internet, visa counseling & more

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Is the average cost of hiring the wrong employee.


Is the average cost to fill an open position.


Of dollars can be saved by outsourcing hiring.


Once we decide to work together, we’ll get more details on what exactly your team is looking for in a hire. Then, we’ll start screening candidates for positions. We’ll conduct a preliminary interview and then recommend a few candidates for an interview with you and your team. Once you have decided on a candidate, you’ll bring them on board to your marketing team and we’ll make them comfortable here in Medellin. We’ll take care of payroll, benefits, workspace, and any other help they may need living in Medellin.
Once your company starts working with an employee, LinkedStartups doesn’t cut off communication. We invite employees to professional development events and provide various benefits. Our team also checks in on them regularly to make sure they are happy in their role. If an employee decides to leave your team, we will find you another team member that is a better fit right away.
LinkedStartups only focuses on staffing for marketing teams. Next to taxes, the number one department entrepreneurs should outsource is for social media and content writing. LinkedStartups’ leadership is also made up of experienced marketing professionals. So when it comes to recruiting marketing team members, we know exactly what to look for.
LinkedStartups takes care of payroll and employee benefits.
Once you bring on a new team member, you can both decide on the best communication methods. The most popular are Slack, Google Hangouts, email, and Skype. If you need help deciding, LinkedStartups can provide some suggestions.